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Twenty years ago I took a passion for reading and quotation and turned it into Post-a-Quote. My goal is to match a dynamite quote with a dynamite image. Lately that has meant mostly photos of my own – although I use some vintage images, illustrations, artwork by artist friends and images by my sister, Claudia Hunter, I also use postage stamps by special request.

A word about the name: “Post-a-Quote” is not a nod to the internet. I’m not posting a quotation to a web page or inviting such posts. The internet was in its infancy when Post-a-Quote was founded. The name is a pun on the British “post” as in mailing, or “posting,” a letter. It also alluded to postage since when I first began I used postage stamps exclusively as the image that anchored the quotation. So sending one of my cards was to send, or post, a quote to the recipient.

Post-a-Quote is owned and operated by Ken Logsdon with able assistance from Mrs. Post-a-Quote, Lynnette.

And, as always, a nod to Post-a-Quote's patron saint, Edie Dismuke, without whom Post-a-Quote wouldn't exist.

Ordering Information

There are no ordering rules at Post-a-Quote. We have no minimums – or maximums for that matter. Customers (non-wholesale) receive a 10% discount for orders of 10-19 cards with coupon code 10OFF and 20% for 20 or more with coupon code 20OFF. Enter coupon code FREESHIP for free shipping on your order. All cards are exchangeable. However, the customer is responsible for exchange shipping costs. FREE SHIPPING APPLIES ONLY TO ORDERS SHIPPED WITHIN THE U.S.

If you order from a city where I have an existing retailer that retailer receives credit for your order.

I do a periodic email newsletter (6-8 times annually) with new images and quotations. If you would like to be on the mailing list email me. Opting out is simple and easy.

I have thousands of quotes and images – I simply can’t put all of them here and if I did you would grow weary quickly. However, I’m happy to discuss alternatives with you. Just let me know what you are looking for via email:

The employees of the grocery where I shop don’t say “Aisle 9”
when you ask where a product is located. They take you to the product.
That is the level of service I want to offer.
If I don’t meet that standard please tell me.

All images, where applicable, © Post-a-Quote 1996-2015. E-mail:

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