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Wholesale pricing

For wholesale pricing, please (1) register with the site and (2) e-mail me (email address follows this paragraph) so that I can give you "Wholesale" status. I will confirm your registration by return email within 24 hours (and probably much sooner). (3) You will then log in with "Wholesale" status, and see the wholesale price per card.

After registration and for questions, please contact me by phone: 573-446-6625 or email:

There is no minimum. All cards are exchangeable at anytime for any reason. Please contact me for references.

Shipping Costs

I have always done my dead level best to pass on only the actual cost of shipping. When rebuilding the website I looked over old invoices and one fact jumped out at me: the fewer cards you order, the more the shipping cost per card. This isn’t because of Post-a-Quote but because of USPS and UPS. That doesn’t mean you have to order more – I have never had minimums – but that you might want to so that you save a little bit and get more free cards (see sorta free shipping).


The way website shipping costs are calculated may mean the shipping charges on your invoice are not exactly the same as the postage on the box, but here’s what I do to take care of that and more – it’s what I call sorta free shipping. When you receive your order you will find that I have included some freebies whose retail value almost meets or exceeds the shipping cost.

Coupon codes

Coupon codes do not apply to wholesale purchases.

Please be aware that I protect my retailers.

If someone from your city purchases through the website and you are a customer in good standing*, I will inform you and you will be credited 40% of the purchase price. I will also, of course, inform the customer that they can find Post-a-Quote cards at your location. Exceptions: individuals who were on the PAQ mailing list prior to your good standing status.

*You have made a purchase within the last 90 days and don't have an outstanding/overdue balance.

The employees of the grocery where I shop don’t say “Aisle 9”
when you ask where a product is located. They take you to the product.
That is the level of service I want to offer.

If I don’t meet that standard please tell me.

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